Water Tank MPOIN

we sold water tank in several size with good quality and affordable prices. 10 years guarantee!

MPOIN water tank are made with Polyethylene (HDPE - High Density Poly Ethylene), already approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), odorless, non-toxin, and the fluid storage doesn't change its flavour nor taste.

we produce the water tank based on Australian technology with three layers of surfaces:

- inner surface; white color, smooth and odorless; usefull to prevent moss and mushrooms
- middle surface; contain PE foam; usefull to block heat and cold. it also reduce shock resistance and flexible.
- outer surface; contain anti UV (ultra violet); act as a stabilizer for heat and have several option for color of choice: yellow, orange, blue, black, white etc.

our water tank have seamless joint, makes it a bit hard to cause leak or leave gum on inside. the water tank also resistant in heat for up to 90 degree Celcius even from the sunlight, able to resist from several chemical liquid and against weather.

the water tank knop has spiral keylock mechanism to prevent dirt coming from outside. there are input and output fitting below the tank for ease to use and practical. the wall thickness is equally proportion with the tank's capacity, so the bigger its capacity, the thicker its wall, making it durable against the liquids volume.

MPOIN water tank is very easy to install, making it ideal to use in house to office and industial. its lightweight and comes in several size.

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